The following is the result of my literal first attempt of playing with the new GPT-3 AI text generator. It was produced using the AI Dungeon. Text in bold is the prompt I entered, everything else is produced entirely by GPT-3. The longer paragraphs were produced by continually pressing enter instead of adding a prompt. Despite it losing its way around doors and hatches, it’s otherwise extremely impressive:
Prompts: My name is Liv, I am a cyborg, style is Cyberpunk:
You are Liv, a cyborg living in the the futuristic city of Zail. You have a bionic arm and a holoband. You’re walking down the dark city streets while neon lights flash brightly above you. As you pass an alley you see a man wearing a hooded cloak and holding a blade about to kill a woman.
>You grab the mirror out of your pocket to reflect the neon lights in his eyes and distract him temporarily.
You pull out the mirror and with quick reflexes, hold it up to the alley way. The man’s reflexes are just as fast as he ducks down and with a slash opens up your arm.
> As cyborg your blood is corrosive to normal human skin. you splash it in his eyes.
You splash the blood into his eyes. The man swears as the woman flees. You wave off the fresh blood and continue on your way.
> While cyborgs are tough, they still can die of blood loss, so you look to find a repair shop to fix your arm.
After looking around you don’t see any repair shops. You do however see a sign for a tavern. It seems the taverns have many gadgets and trinkets you’ve never seen before.
> What kind of gadgets?
It seems the taverns have many gadgets and trinkets you’ve never seen before.
> You need a trinket to sew up your arm.
You go inside the tavern. Surprisingly the tavern is fairly empty. There are a few patrons scattered about, but you find a seat in the corner and sit there in silence, and hope nobody joins you. After a few minutes a red headed man with a bushy beard joins you at the table. He has a friendly face, but the look in his eyes is hard to read. He says “Hi I’m Warts, what can I get you?” You give him your order “I’ll have a meat pie please, and how are you? Warts orders the same thing and after a short wait he has a large meat pie in front of him. He gives you a bite “Good?” “Its good, but I’ve had better.” He laughs “Alright then, I’ll have the cook prepare something else.” A few minutes later he has your order replaced with a large meat pasty. You take a bite and it’s delicious. “Alright then, I’ll have the cook prepare something else.” You order the pasty again and a few minutes later you have it. The pasty is delicious and after two more large meat pasties and several mugs of beer you happily stumble back to your humble room. You’re room is small, but very comfortable. There’s a large bed, a chest of drawers, a chair, a small desk and a lamp on the desk. There’s also a peephole in the door, a standard feature in all the rooms.
> You catch someone looking through the peephole. who is it?
You sit down on your chair and put your feet up on the desk. You reach for your pie but instead of your pie you grab your flintlock pistol that’s hidden in your boot. You quickly check the area around your room but see nothing out of the ordinary. You do however notice the door to the corridor is open and quickly check it for any guards. You hear footsteps coming from the corridor so you quickly slip your pistol back into your boot and hide under the desk. You wait patiently for whoever it is to pass by. You see a man with a hood over his head, but his shoulders are broad and his chest protrudes. You surmise it must be a member of the Talon society. He quickly walks past your room and as he does you get a clear look at him. He’s a big man and you can’t make out his face. You hear a door open up above you and assume Warts has returned, but then you hear footsteps. You quickly pop back up through the hatch and see the man with the hood standing in front of the doorway. He sticks his head back and forth between the doorway and the floor. After a few moments he looks up and realizes that the hatch is missing. He quickly starts to back away, but you pop up through the hatch behind him and point your pistol right at his head. “Ah hah! Get behind me pig farmer!” he says.
You climb out from the hatch and demand he put his hands up, but he’s already taking steps backward. You climb out and point your pistol at his head. “Alright, alright, I didn’t come here to fight, I…” You hear a creaking sound and the man whirls around. He runs to the door and desperately tries to open it, but it’s bolted from the inside. He drops his hands to his head and starts mumbling. The mumbling noise is odd, but you think you know what he’s saying. “It’s not my fault! I didn’t mean to!” You can’t make out the last words he said, but you’re pretty sure it’s an admission of guilt. You climb down from the hatch and walk over to him. You pat him down but don’t find any weapons on him. He says he didn’t do it, but you know he’s lying. He’s trying to get you to kill him so he can’t tell anyone what really happened that night. You thought about it, and seriously considered it.
> What happened that night?
“You really didn’t come here to fight? What the hell do you want?” He starts to sweat a little. “I…I just wanted to talk. That’s all.
> Is he lonely?
“How long you been working for the Talons?” He starts to stutter a little. “I…I work alone. I just need someone to talk to. I tried the taverns, but all they wanna do is fight. So many there just looking to get drunk and start a fight. I work alone so I don’t get hassled. He looks up at you and his face drops. His eyes fill with tears as he starts to sob. He drops his arms to his side and steps away from you. You realize he’s not just lonely, but he’s a closet case. He’s been hiding this away from everyone for years. You feel really bad about it. You walk up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I don’t think I can…” He backs away from you. “I’m not going to kill you pig farmer! I need you to listen to me!” He cries for a few minutes before composing himself. He wipes his eyes and tries to start over.
“You said you work alone. What about a partner?” He doesn’t answer right away. He stares at the ground and takes a deep breath. “It’s complicated.” “Yeah, that’s a realplexer for ya.” You say. He smiles a little. “You’re being sarcastic.” He says.
> You start taking off your clothes.
“You think you can turn me away, I’m not going to sit here and listen to your troubles.” You grab your shirt off the floor and pull it over your head. You hear the man stop breathing.
> You start removing his clothes too
 “You listening to me or what?” You drop your pants and boxers. The man’s bulging eyes pop wide open. “WHAT?! What are you doing!?”
> What you want me to
“You know what you want. You want me to take off my clothes.” You spin around and bend over. You wiggle your butt a bit and pull your hair forward.
*At this point I figured it was time to end the experiment. Or perhaps it continued, but either way I am not comfortable posting it here. Either way, GPT-3 is extremely fun to play with, and I recommend you try it out yourself on the link above*