I can’t quite believe it… I’m the guest on the latest episode of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s fantastic podcast “Creative Processing”!!! You know, the superstar genius actor JGL. From Inception. And Don Jon. His actual podcast. Wow.

Anyway, each episode is based off a different question relating to creativity, and he asked me to help him explore the fascinating question of:

“When does data-backed decision making begin to have a negative impact on the creative process?”

We get into a deep discussion about what constitutes analytical thinking, the difference between science and art, and how to listen to your intuition and balance that with reason. We explore how these methods apply to both movie-making, science and poker. But that’s not all – the conversation moves onto hot topics like the sex differences debate, working with emotions, what truly constitutes art, and the next evolutionary stage of humanity. We even discuss Burning Man!

Joe is a truly brilliant interviewer and, well, I’m absolutely over the moon with how it turned out (somedays you’re just ON, you know?).

Check it out here  – It’s also all the major podcast places like Spotify etc too

Here’s a quick excerpt to whet your ears.