Hi folks, apologies for the delay in posting these answers – WCOOP and a few other life things held it up. Anyhoo, below are the answers to round 3 of our quiz. Hope you enjoyed the quiz, and congratulations those of you who think you’re likely to still be in the running… only one more round to go until the final! Make sure you put the date – 29th October – in your diary for round 4. 

Here they are: 

Q1) You’re a social scientist studying the behaviour of poker players when they’re offered to play a freeroll tournament that only has a limited number of seats. The tournament requires that players register for a seat in advance. When registration opens, you notice that players start registering almost immediately, and that the number of entries doubles every hour. If it takes 10 hours for all the seats to be filled, how long must it have taken for only half of them to be filled?

  • A:2 hours
  • B:5 hours
  • C: 6 hours
  • D: 8 hours
  • E: 9 hours 

Q2) You are down to just an Ante but have started to run it up hard. You’ve been tripling up every hand since and now have 40.5k chips out of a total of roughly 10m chips in play. The next hand you triple up again and decide that this is just going to continue that way. After how many hands do you expect to have 1/9 of all the chips in play, giving you as much as an average stack will be at the final table.? Write the answer below as a number.

Q3) Out of 1,000 players in a poker tournament, 500 have brown eyes. Out of these 500 brown-eyed people, 100 are men. Out of the 500 players that do not have brown eyes, 300 are men. What is the probability that a randomly drawn man has brown eyes?

Please write the probability below as a percentage number without the %sign (e.g. “45”)

Q4) The Bluffitis virus causes a disease in 10 in every 10,000 people. If a person is infected the test indicates this correctly. The test has a false-positive rate of 5% – in other words, the test wrongly indicates that the Bluffitus virus is present in 5% of the cases in which the person does not have the virus. To the closest round number, what is the probability that someone who tests positive actually has the Bluffitis virus?

  • A: 2% 
  • B: 5%
  • C: 20%
  • D: 95%
  • E: 98%

Q5) You’ve gotten into yet another silly gambling game with your friends in the Bahamas which involves you throwing a five-sided die 50 times. Out of these 50 throws, how many times would this five-sided die show an odd number on average (a 1, 3 or 5)?

Please write your answer below in digits (e.g. “19”)

Q6) Imagine you and your friends now switch to a 6-sided, loaded (weighted) die. The probability that it shows a 6 is three times as high as the probability of each of the other numbers.
Out of 48 throws, how many times would you expect the die show the number 6?

Please write your answer below in digits (e.g. “47”)

Q7) A player bought in to a $200 tournament and cashed for $400, then bought in to a $500 event, re-entered and cashed for $2500 and decided to play a $5000 which she got 4th in for $73000. Then she put a quarter of the profits on a table game and lost it. How much profit did she have left from those sessions?

Please write your answer below, in digits, without a decimal (e.g. “35000”)

Q8) Suppose in a tournament this is the situation:

  1. 2 players are down to a chip and a chair, but no other two players have exactly the same number of chips.
  2. Robert has already busted and can not re-enter.
  3. No player has exactly 10 or 100 chips.
  4. There are more players in the field than there are chips in anyone’s stack.

What is the largest stack that anyone could possibly have in this tournament?

Q9) Liv and Igor just heard that there will be a new EPT event in 2019 and they want to know the date it begins. Pokerstars gives them both a list of 10 possible dates:

  • March 15, March 16, March 19
  • August 17, August 18
  • October 14, October 16
  • November 14, November 15, November 17

Pokerstars then tells Liv only the month the event will be held in. They tell Igor only the day. 

Liv then says to Igor: I don’t know when the EPT starts, but I know that you do not know either.

Igor: At first I had no idea when the EPT would be held, but I do know now.

Liv: Then I also know when it starts.

So when does the event start?

  • A) March 19
  • B) August 17
  • C) October 16 
  • D) November 14
  • E) November 15


Answers: Q1: 9 hours.  Q2: 2 hands. Q3: 25. Q4: 2%  Q5: 30. Q6: 18. Q7: 52275 Q8: 99. Q9: October 16