Here are the questions to Round 2 of our Platinum Pass quiz (with answers at the bottom).  Thanks to all of you who have taken part so far – it’s been hugely fun designing questions to challenge you (and judging from the feedback, even the most wizened of quizzers have been finding these suitably testing!).

For those of you who didn’t enter, feel free to have a go at the questions below at your leisure. For those of you who are still taking part, keep your eyes peeled for round 3 on Weds 22nd August.

Round 2 Questions (time limit: 40 minutes)

1. Let’s begin with something easy. What is the next letter in the following series?
L B W S E W I T N L I…

A: W
B: E
C: Z
D: I
E: T

2. Before the start of a 10-handed final table, the ten players all high-five with each other once. How many high-fives will there be in total?

A  10
B  45
C  54
D  90
E  100


There are 3 boxes and under one of them is a small, angry cat.
Two of the boxes’ statements are false and one is true. Where is the cat?
A. Under Box 1
B. Under Box 2
C. Under Box 3

4. A zoo that keeps various types of exotic animals has one large lake that all the animals like to swim in. The zoo is open Monday to Friday and follows the following guidelines in order to avoid dangerous interactions between the animals when they visit the lake.

  • Baboons may swim on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Zebras can’t swim on Fridays.
  • Tigers can swim only on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Dragons may swim any day except for Friday.
  • Crocodiles can’t swim on Wednesday.

On which days would it be possible for at least three different animals to swim together?

A: All days.
B: All days apart from Thursday.
C: All days apart from Friday.
D: Only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
E: Only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

5. Let’s assume that a poker player either always lies or always tells the truth. Also, every poker player only plays either NLH, PLO, Short-deck or Mixed Games.
250 players took a survey that asked the following 4 questions:

Do you play NLH?
Do you play PLO?
Do you play Short-deck?
Do you play Mixed games?

90 responded yes to NLH, 100 answered yes to PLO, and 80 each said they play Short-deck and Mixed Games. How many poker players fall into the “always lying” category?

A: 20
B: 50
C: 75
D: 100
E: 200

6. You have a tasty large pizza in front of you and want to cut it into as many pieces as possible to distribute it efficiently among your friends. The pizza is perfectly flat and thin, so you can only do cuts in two dimensions, and every cut is a perfectly straight line. The pieces can be of varying sizes as your friends also love pizza to varying degrees.
How many pieces can you maximally get with four straight cuts?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 11
D) 12
E) 16

7. Minnie Mouse flirts with Donald Duck. Donald Duck flirts with Bugs Bunny. Mickey Mouse is married to Minnie Mouse, and Bugs Bunny has never married at any point in his life. In this situation, does a married cartoon character flirt with an unmarried cartoon character?
A: Yes
B: No
C: Impossible to know

8. Five gamblers have won 100 platinum rings from a very lucrative but hard-to-enter casino game and have to divide up the rings between them. They are all extremely intelligent, but are all also rather self-interested, especially the oldest in the group, Bob.

As the oldest in the group, Bob always proposes a distribution of the rings. All gamblers vote on the proposal, and if 50% or more vote “yes”, the rings are divided as proposed, as no gamblers would be willing to challenge Bob’s proposal without a majority on their side.

If Bob fails to obtain support of at least half of the gamblers (which includes himself), the other gamblers will turn against him and get him barred from future games forever. Then, the gamblers start the process over again, with the next oldest person taking the role of Bob.
What is the maximum number of rings Bob can keep without risking his access to future games?
A) 1
B) 20
C) 40
D) 96
E) 98

9-13. Each of the following questions contains two statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to consider the two statements to be true, even if they seem to be at odds with reality. You have to decide which of the given conclusions definitely logically follow from the given statements.

9.  Statement 1: Some cats are dogs
Statement 2: All horses are cats.
I. Some dogs are horses
II. Some horses are dogs.
A : only conclusion I follows
B : only conclusion II follows
C : neither I nor II follows
D : both I and II follow

10. Statement 1: No Queen is a club.   Statement 2: Annabel is a Queen.
I. Annabel is not a club.
II. All Queens are not Annabel.
A : only conclusion  I follows
B : only conclusion II follows
C : neither I nor II follows
D : both I and II follow

11. Statement 1: Some chips are green.
Statement 2: All dollars are green.
I. All chips are green.
II. Some green objects are dollars.
A : only conclusion  I follows
B : only conclusion II follows
C : neither I nor II follows
D : both I and II follow

12. Statement 1: Many planes are vehicles.
Statement 2: All Vehicles are Motorbikes.
I. Some planes are motorbikes.
II. No vehicle is a plane.
A : only conclusion  I follows
B : only conclusion II follows
C : neither I nor II follows
D : both I and II follow

13. Statement 1: All poker players are lemurs
Statement 2: No lemur likes to fold
Conclusions :
I. There are no human poker players
II. No poker player likes to fold
A : only conclusion  I follows
B : only conclusion II follows
C : neither I nor II follows
D : both I and II follow



Answers: 1: E, 2: B, 3: B, 4: C, 5: B, 6: C, 7: A, 8: E, 9: C, 10: A, 11: B, 12: A, 13: B