So Pokerstars have kindly given Igor and me two $30,000 Platinum Passes to give away to our followers, where each pass provides entry to the enormous $8m guaranteed, $25,000 buyin PSPC Championship in the Bahamas next January.

Therefore, we decided to find the next two great poker brains by awarding the passes to whoever of you fare best against a series of logic, rationality and lateral-thinking quizzes of our own creation. The entry period for round 1 is now closed, but if you’re a fellow puzzle fanatic then you may enjoy tackling our questions anyway – note that the 8-question quiz originally came with an eight-minute time limit, but feel free to attempt them at a more leisurely rate! You can find the answers (plus explanation) in the video at the bottom of the page. 

Round One Questions:

1. If one and a half Daniel Negreanus can eat a pizza and a half in 90 seconds, how many pizzas can six Daniel Negreanus eat in six minutes?

A: 10
B: 6
C: 36
D: 1.5
E: 24

2.  Lex, Fintan and Spraggy are all going by train to Barcelona to take part in an EPT.
Fintan gets the 2pm train. Lex’s train journey takes 50% longer than Spraggy’s.
Lex catches the 2.45 train.
Spraggy leaves 20 minutes after Fintan and arrives at 3.10 pm. When will Lex arrive?

A: 3.45
B: 4.00
C: 4.15
D: 4.30
E: 4.45

3. Which image is next in the sequence?

4. Which house isn’t fully complete?

5. You’re trying to find your seat in the PSPC tournament room, and only have these instructions:
Begin by the cashier’s desk and face West.
Walk 20 metres and then turn 90 degrees clockwise.
Walk another 10 metres and then turn 45 degrees anticlockwise.
Walk another 15 metres, reverse your direction and walk 5 metres back.
Turn 135 degrees clockwise and walk another 10 metres.
In which direction are you now facing?

A: North
B: South
C: East
D: West
E: South West

6. You’re in the Bahamas and have had a bit too much to drink and have gotten involved in a silly card game.To win, you have to make sure you pick two cards of the same suit out of a pile of 12 face-down cards. You know the pile contains exactly 6 hearts and 6 clubs.
What is the minimum number of cards you must pick up to be 100% sure you have picked up at least two of the same suit?

A: 2
B: 3
C: 4
D: 6
E: 7

7. You’re waiting in the airport and decide to spend a total of 56 dollars on an antelope, a shoe-horn and a cucumber. The antelope costs double the cucumber and the shoe-horn is 2x the price of the antelope. How many dollars did the antelope cost?

A: 14
B: 16
C: 18
D: 20
E: 24

8. You’re hanging out on the beach sipping a Bahamamama cocktail, and just offshore there is a plank of wood sticking vertically out of the water. You know that half of the plank is buried in the sand, and 33% of it is covered by the water. Seven feet of it is visible above the surface. How long is the entire plank?

A: 28
B: 35
C: 38
D: 42
E: 49