Poker Player
TV Presenter
& Adventurer

I’m Liv: born in the UK, female, brown hair. I’m best known for being a poker player. I won a European Poker Tour in 2010, which was rather fun! 

I absolutely love most things science-related, and have a degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester. I also do some TV presenting – my most recent show is “The Mind Control Freaks” airing on Discovery Channel right now. My favourite things include mountains, rational people, wearing costumes, untouched nature and guitars.


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  • Liv Boeree @liv_boeree - 29 May
  • Liv Boeree @liv_boeree - 27 May
    Blimey... @Cristiano has joined team @PokerStars - welcome sir! Watch his intro video here:
  • Liv Boeree @liv_boeree - 26 May
    Just had a Krav Maga lesson. Bruised.
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